Kontur LTD - assorted fruits, juices, nuts, dried fruits, vegetable

Kontur LTD has been established in 1993.

For fifteen years operating on the market Kontur proved oneself to be a reliable and stable supplier in Ural-Siberian region (Ekaterinburg city; Sverdlovsk, Kurgan and Tumen areas).

Our clients are more than 400 private and state companies. We actively work with both Russian retailers, e.g. “Kirovsky”, “Kupec”, “Monetka”, “Piaterochka”, and international retailers such as Aushan, Ramstor, Metro Group.

We have reliable contacts with firms from St. Petersburg and Moscow. Our company actively work with foreign partners: Poland (Activ, ArtFruit), Belgium (Vergro), Greece (Katsiamakas), Spain (Hispa), Italy (Bissolo). Also we cooperate with producers from Tatarstan, Yzbekistan and Moldova.

Kontur has three own warehouses and vehicles. Because of the efficient logistic system we deliver our produce on time and of proper quality. Average product turnover accounts more than 1000 ton.

Among the major targets are further development and cooperation with retailers and new partners from abroad. We plan to establish new direct contacts with France, Spain, China and Holland. In order to remain competitive and meet market demand for innovative and quality products we will continue to develop service and offer better working conditions. Moreover, Kontur intend to increase product assortment. Also we are interested in establishing fruitful long-term relationships with producers from Italy, Holland, Belgium and other countries and hope that it will lead to a mutually beneficial cooperation.